The Northern Power Hive are buzzing for our first networking lunch on Friday and sharing what it will mean to be part of a network exclusively designed for the North’s Recruitment leaders.

Our goal is to create a community where we can collaborate, innovate and get ahead in our industry, and the focus of Friday’s lunch will be sharing experiences, ideas and discussing how we can set ourselves apart.

Whilst we have purposefully pulled together leaders from businesses focused across a range of sectors and industries, we appreciate there will be some information around market, customers, etc. that people may not want to share. Therefore for the first meeting, we will be focusing on some of the wider challenges of the industry and generating ideas we believe everyone can benefit from.

With that in mind we have hand-selected some speakers to cover key area’s around Marketing Strategy, Training & Development and Health & Well-being and how they can impact performance and ultimately profit.

We have already had some feedback and ideas that people would like to cover but if there is anything else the people are passionate about discussing, please let us know.

The Hive is gathering from 1pm, with the lunch expected to run until 4pm, before heading out for drinks afterwards for those that want to continue networking.

To reiterate there isn’t any cost attached to this event, other than sharing the bill across the group, but please do let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements.